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Yarwad Mixed Reality is a Brooklyn NYC based studio focused on XR world building and interactive storytelling.  We make original AR/VR games.  We also work with brands to bring their immersive stories to life.  

We have worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment to build previs tools and virtual production environments that make the process of filmmaking more interactive.


We've also worked with XR companies to help prototype some of the most innovative products for streamers and VR enthusiasts.


If you have an AR/VR project and need help making it reality please give us a shout! 


We've created custom XR experiences forsome of the biggest names in entertainment.


Yarwad Mixed Reality is the brainchild of developer, designer, and cyber-cowboy Eric Yearwood.  Eric has a long career in motion graphics that morphed into XR development and realtime virtual production.

Eric lives in Brooklyn, New York and you can often catch him performing improv and sketch comedy on various stages around the city.  

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